Home Air Conditioning Service in Shawnee, KS

Your home air conditioning is one of the most important parts of your family staying comfortable. When it’s not working, no matter what time day or night, we will come to you. Whenever you call, it will be a qualified master technician who comes to assist you; after all, even at 3 AM you deserve the highest quality air conditioning service at a great price, right?

Patriot Heating and AC

Residential AC Service

We know that our professionalism is paramount when you are inviting us into your home. All of our technicians are highly trained in our industry so that you can feel comfortable in your own home while getting your home air conditioning needs taken care of.

We work hard to prove that your first experience with us shouldn’t be the last, and we let our work and prices speak for themselves. About 95% of our customers come back to us next time they need something done, and we certainly hope that you will want to call us again for your future home air conditioning needs!

Home Air Conditioning Repair

Sometimes your home air conditioning stops working for seemingly no reason, and when that happens, we can come to you and fix it quickly. In most cases, a simple repair can be done, and you will have your AC up and running again in a fraction of the time and cost that it would’ve taken another company to get it done.

The ideal scenario is a straightforward home air conditioner repair, and if the AC unit is still in good condition, we will get it up and running again so that you can stay cool in your own home. Wherever it’s possible we will always opt for a repair of the existing unit as opposed to a replacement. Sometimes age prevents that, but you will get an accurate and straightforward assessment of what’s needed before we go to work.

Home AC Installation

When your home air conditioning is beyond repair, or you just want to do a full upgrade due to age, then we are a great choice for your home’s AC installation. We can provide you with all the options for brands and sizes, as well as our recommendations, and then package everything up in a free estimate. We are an elite Rheem dealer, and if you aren’t sure which brand to go with, allow us to show you how one of their units could benefit you!

When planning your home air conditioning installation we can even add air conditioning to other spaces such as garages, or a newly renovated office. Extending your home air conditioning to make use of spaces that previously didn’t have air conditioning can create a totally usable new space for your family to enjoy. Give us a call to schedule your free estimate!


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