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Preventative HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Dirt and neglect are the #1 causes of heating and cooling failure. One of the most important steps you can take to prevent future problems and unwanted costs is bi-annual heating and cooling maintenance. When done properly, maintaining your system will save you money on energy bills, and help your system last longer.

Enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with knowing your comfort system has been certified for proper operation by our technicians.

Protects your home
Improve Efficiency
Reduce Heating & Cooling costs
Add years to your equipment life
Priority Service
10% off repairs
No holiday or after-hours fees
Service Plans

Our annual maintenance agreement evaluates the condition of the following items:

Thermostat calibration & operation
Indoor air coil condition
Clean air filter
Electric heater controls & operation
Relays & indoor unit wiring
Indoor blower motor
System general physical condition
Indoor temperature rise/fall
Outdoor fan blade balance
Outdoor fan motor
Contractor points
Starting components
Outdoor unit wiring
Compressor amperage/performance
Defrost components
Reversing valve operation

Summer Cooling 10 Point Service Check

Install gauges and check operating pressure
Clean condenser coil with water
Check & tighten all electrical connections
Lubricate bearings & motors where applicable
Cycle & check thermostat for accuracy
Check and adjust fan belt where applicable
Check voltage to condensing unit
Clean or change basic air filter(s)
Additional charge for extra or specialty filters

Winter Heating 10 Point Service Check

Inspect heat exchanger for cracks & soot
Adjust flame for optimum efficiency
Check fuel pipe & be sure of adequate draft
Check & clean burners as necessary
Check fuel supply for leaks & operating pressure
Check & clean pilot assembly
Check fan control & limits operation
Check & lubricate blower assembly as necessary
Cycle & check thermostat for accuracy
Clean or change basic air filter(s)
Additional charge for extra or specialty filters


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